MSR-BTUK is an Hybrid Encrypted Wireless MSR&Keylogger  BLUETOOTH ALWAYS ON/ Bluetooth OFF with PIN Activation//BT Keylogger/USB MSR & Keylogger/ USB Keylogger


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Universal MSR Bluetooth & Keylogger WITH BLUETOOTH ALWAYS ON or Bluetooth OFF with keypad activation and ON/OFF Switch on PCB,

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MSR-BTUK is a small Encrypted Wireless Bluetooth/USB Interrupted Magnetic Card Reader with Keylogger capability all in one with the lowest Power Consumption in the world with Bluetooth always ON in  SLEEP MODE and visible.

MSR-BTUK Bluetooth can also be activated using keypad by typing a PIN preset by user,  power consumption is as low as 0.01-0.02 mAh in standby mode with BT Always ON or 0.007 with BLuetooth OFF in Standby mode. It should work for about 60-90 days on a full 200mAh Battery with BT always on and about 90-120 days with BT OFF with PIN activation.


MSR-BTUK can be used as regular USB MSR or Keylogger by simply removing Bluetooth Module connected via tiny connector.

MSR-BTUK is an Hybrid Device with removable Bluetooth Module and can be used in the following configurations:

1- Bluetooth MSR & Keylogger with bluetooth always ON.

2- Bluetooth MSR & Keylogger with Bluetooth OFF activated by 6 digits PIN code pressed on device keypad.

3- Bluetooth Keylogger ONLY with Bluetooth Always ON.

4- Bluetooth Keylogger with  Bluetooth OFF activated by 6 digits PIN code pressed on device keypad.

5- USB MSR & Keylooger

6- USB Keylogger


Power Consumption DEEP SLEEP Stand By Mode: 89-200uA (0.01-0.02mA) Bluetooth always ON

Power Consumption with Bluetooth OFF activated by PIN pressed on keypad 70-90 uA

Power Consumption during Swipe: 1.7mA-3.5mA

Power Consumption Waiting For Key Stroke: 0.2mA

Power Consumption During Key Stroke: 0.2-0.6mA

Power Consumption Bluetooth Connected: 18mA-22mA

Fast Erase Mode: 5 Sec Full ERASE

Bluetooth Rename

BlueTooth Password Selection

Data encryption password by customer

Extra Fast Download: 25 Records per Second

Storage Capacity: 32000 Records

Encryption: AES Dynamic Encryption


MSR-BTUK with Bluetooth Module Included:

Lenght 29.86mm* Witdth 8.42mm * Thickness 1.35 mm


MSR-BTUK  USB Version:

Lenght 23.23mm* Witdth 8.42mm * Thickness 1.35 mm



Specification: MSR-BTUK



Weight 50 g
Dimensions 29 × 8 × 1.6 mm

Videos: MSR-BTUK

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