MSR-BTK bluetooth msr keypad




MSR-BTK is a small Encrypted Wireless Bluetooth Interrupted Magnetic Card Reader with KeyPad capability all in one with the lowest Power Consumption in the world.

Download Decryption Program Click Here



Power Consumption Sleep Mode: 1.4uA

Power Consumption run mode: 590uA

Power Consumption Bluetooth Connected: 4.5mA

Storage Capacity: 32000 Records

Encryption: AES Dynamic Encryption

Size: 37*15.8*3mm


Power Consumption Example:

300mA battery= 300 000uA

300000uH/1,4uA=214285 Hours/24 hours= 8928 Days Stand By Mode

300000uH/590uh=508 Hours/24 hours=21 Days if Device Running all the time.

300mA/4.5mA=67 hours/24 hours=5.3 Days Bluetooth ALWAYS On.

Real Time Example: Average Standby 90% day, Running mode 10%, Bluetooth activated once per day for 5 minute.

about 180 days in one Full charge with 300mAh Battery.



Specification: MSR-BTK bluetooth msr keypad

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 37 × 15 × 3 mm
MSR-BTK bluetooth msr keypad
MSR-BTK bluetooth msr keypad
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