MSR-BTK bluetooth msr keypad double heads




Power Consumption improved, Dual head connection.

MSR-BTK Evo Double heads is a small Encrypted Wireless Bluetooth Interrupted Magnetic Card Reader with KeyPad capability all in one with the lowest Power Consumption in the world.

Download Decryption Program Click Here Decoder_BT_LAST

Click Here to Download Encrypted Demo File: (Password: 1234567890) ABT_14012022_164422

Click Here For Tutorial



Double Heads Connection capability

Power Consumption Stand By Mode: 89uA (0.1mA)

Power Consumption during Swipe: 1.7mA-3.5mA

Power Consumption Waiting For Key Stroke: 0.2mA

Power Consumption During Key Stroke: 0.2-0.6mA

Power Consumption Bluetooth Connected: 18mA-22mA

Fast Erase Mode: 5 Sec Full ERASE

Slow Erase Mode 80 sec

Bluetooth Rename

BlueTooth Password Selection

Data encryption password by customer

Extra Fast Download: 25 Records per Second

Storage Capacity: 32000 Records

Encryption: AES Dynamic Encryption

Size: 38*17*2.2mm


Power Consumption Example:

300mA battery= 300 000uA

300000uH/1,4uA=214285 Hours/24 hours= 8928 Days Stand By Mode

300000uH/590uh=508 Hours/24 hours=21 Days if Device Running all the time.

300mA/4.5mA=67 hours/24 hours=5.3 Days Bluetooth ALWAYS On.

Real Time Example: Average Standby 90% day, Running mode 10%, Bluetooth activated once per day for 5 minute.

about 180 days in one Full charge with 300mAh Battery.



Specification: MSR-BTK bluetooth msr keypad double heads

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 37 × 15 × 3 mm
MSR-BTK bluetooth msr keypad double heads
MSR-BTK bluetooth msr keypad double heads
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