What is jitter swiping & interrupted swiping

Jitter swiping Technology differs than only interrupted technology, Interrupted swiping technology consists of reassembling mutiple parts of a mgnetic Track into one full Track. Jitter swiping techonolgy adds to that process not only at multiple movements but at multiple speed as well.

CardReaderTech msr008 can not only show the result of several movement but it will consider as well the changing speed, one can also manually decide if the swipe as been changing directions.  Other readers on the market only give you the software appriciation of the swipe direction.

Sometimes the swipe direction is “misunderstood” by the software and  with Digital readers it is already too late, the result is fixed, with our msr008 BINARY reader you will be able to go back in time and change the result,

One can choose manually the best “logical result”.

When a swipe speed changes, all other magnetic card readers will give you “strange” not ISO caracters, they are unable to decode uneven interrupted swipe with multiple speed.  We have added to interrupted technology that already could analyse properly multiple movement, multiple speed in both “in” and “out” swipes as well as accelarations and decelarations speed where other readesrs will only consider decelaration or accelaration but will drop at multiple speed change at one swipe.

For Exemple:

In one swipe at a time at the same speed we obtain those informations:

Track 1: %B1234567890123456^CARDREADERTECH            ^1212101000000000000000?

Track 2 ;1234567890123456=12121010000000000000?

With our msr008 we will obtaine the follwoing reslut having swiped in several directions and mutlitpe speeds:

Swipe1 Track 1: After manually decided “out” is the must logical result……………………………………………..121010000000000000?

Swipe1 Track 2: After manually decided “out” is the must logical result   ………………………………………..1212101000000000000000?

Swipe 2 Track 1: After manually decided “out” is the must logical result               %B1234567890123456^CARDREADERTECH

Swipe 2 Track 2: After manually decided “out” is the must logical result                1234567890123456=12

You will not that none of the caracters in missing, no strange caracters are shown unlike all the other readers on the market,  the “strange” caracters are shown in wrong directions made by wrong digital software appriciation.

The following exemple is the result given before inverting swipe directions:

Same swipe wrong direction “in” Track 1: +B26F23#2F3F#B^T45DE%$,-UT45DE%C1

Same swipe wrong direction “in” Track 2:   806=54980132

With this  jitter technology we can garanty that the result is the highest reading accurancy in the world.

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