Mini Analgu Sound Recorder “ASR-009” Extra Thin only 1.3mm Thick

Download ASR009 Sound Sample Click Here

The particularity of ASR009 Analogu Sound Recorder is that no matter the recording condition,  the sound will be recorded into the memory as it is in reality, no modification of the sound is made, no digital treatement no limitations regarding  the speed.

1. Brief description and specifications.

ASR-009 is designed for high-quality audio recording on a Flash Integrated memory,, data is saved as an Encrypted  standard WAV-files. Has a miniature size and modular design that allows you to use different power supplies capacities allowing the user to choose the performance of the ASR-009 depending on the power source mAh.  Giving the user a huge range of customization options and recording conditions.


  • USB Plug&Play connection
  • Size – 25.6 * 6 * 1.3mm
  • Ultra low power consumption ex: 40h with 9mAh 3.7V battery
  • Flash Memory 32MB
  • The format of the file system – Flash
  • Encrypted Sound File
  • Sound Sampling 10000Hz,
  • Bit analog File . 
  • Voice activation selection (VOX)
  • Current consumption When Standby Mode – 0 mA, the recorder is turned off Automatically as User selection between 5-200 sec
  • The average current consumption in the recording mode – 0.53-1.7 mA,..
  • Current consumption in standby mode, start recording at Sound activation above a certain Sound Wav – 0.01 mA
  • Current consumption LED when Device is turn on 0.53 mA
  • Power Source from 2.6-3.7V. other power Ranges than that will damage device.


2. Connecting the microphone.

Possible to use any highly sensitive electro magnetic  microphones with a supply voltage 2.7 – 3.7 volts. Of course, the quality and brand of microphone will significantly determine the sensitivity and the quality of the audio recording.

Please refere to connection schematics:


Connect the charger with reverse polarity will result damage the Audio Recorders. Be careful when connecting!

Charging the battery:
You can charge the battery Via USB port of the ASR-008 with the original 3.7 USB Cable.

3. Setup and operation of the recorder.

– ASR-009 is connected via USB, install drivers before plugging in the USB cable, than start the software as administrator mode ini Windows 7 or normal mode if Administrator is already selected, select your Com port than connect the ASR to the USB cable and press “Connect”

– The ASR-009 can be configured as to start recording at a certain Hysteresis Value between 2-50 Default is 5 and should not be modified.

– ASR-009 can stop recoding if no sound is recorded after value between 5-200 sec Default is 7s (seconds).

4. Sound Encryption

– Device ID has a Encryption key related to his ID, Encryption corresponds to each Computer that the Device is connected, working on another computer would require decryption procedure to be redone on this particular machine.

– Encrypted files can be decrypted without the ASR-009 being physically attached to the Computer.

– Password is a mixed 7 digits default is 0000000, the first 3 digits of the password are shown as device ID, the full password should be written in order to decrypt the .wav file.

5. Dowloading Data

– When Device is connected and “Connected” is Green you can simply press on “Download Sample”, a folder is going to be created in the same folder that you have install the Terminal.exe Software.

9. Legal aspects.

Voice recorder designed for use in the home and is not intended to be used as a special technical device. Contains no elements of camouflage, has a lighted work and controls. For any use or application of the product for illegal purposes manufacturer is not responsible.

Package Content:

  • ASR009
  • USB Universal Charger/Adapter
  • USB Cable

Specification: ASR009

Dimensions 26 × 6 × 1.3 mm
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