• My MSR007/MSR008/MSR009 Doesn’t connect? but the drivers and software are installed.


The USB Port in the Terminal needs to be set to 1200 Baud Rates, go to”Setup”,”Serial Port”, “BaudRate”      set it to 1200.

  • My MSR007/MSR008/MSR009 is connected but nothing appears in the Terminal Window?

The MSR hasn’t been removed from the 3V Battery, Terminal cannot Reboot MSR. The MSR is already connected and ready to communicate, just press any Terminal Fonction (1=READ, 2=ERASE, etc …)

  • I have changed the Encryption key and cannont change it back?

The Encryption key is “key sensitive” any key pressed (Esc, Tab, F1,etc) is also taken as encryption strock

The msr needs to be HardWare Reset.  Encryption key can be set between 0-255 ONLY.

  • I am pressing on “1” Read Key in TERMINAL software  but no file is saved why?


“log” file is needed to be created in the Terminal, go to “File”, “log”, name file 1.log, place it in the same Folder as the Encryption Software.


  • Encryption Software gives me a “fatal error” why?


The Encryption Software is only set to Decrypte file named “1.log” placed in the same Folder, you didn’t name your file correctly or it is not placed in the same Folder as the Encryption Software.


  • I have decrypted file but DECODER MSR Binary data decoder software gives the following “error MSRv Decoder started… Loaded file Encrypted Data.exe ERROR!!! no dumps found…


 wrong key when using decryption Software or your file is currupted or you didn’t open file 1.BIN.

  • DECODER MSR software doesn’t give accurate result, only able to read some parts of the Tracks?

Set 1.log file as “BIANRY”, file must be saved in TERMINAL Software as Binary File.

When creating 1.log always select option “BINARY”


  • DECOER MSR only reads Track 2


The positioning of the mag head is wrong, Track 1 and Track 2 are inverted or incorrectly placed.


  • What is the consumption of MSR007 / MSR008 / MSR009


MSR007, MSR008 and MSR009 are using less than 0.1 mA per hour when are not reading cards and less than 0.8 mA per hour when a card is being swiped. This means that on a single charge of 40 mA battery, it will run for 16 days or read 360000 cards.


  • What is the consumption of MSR010 GSM READER


MSR010 GSM  is using an average of 2mA per hour when is not reading cards and 2.8 mA when a card is being swiped. This means that on a single charge of 40 mA battery, it will run for 8 hours or read 28800 cards.


  • How can I calculate how long a MSRvXXX will function on a battery?


You need to know or measure the power consumption of your device. This can be done with an Ampere meter  put in series with the battery.

  • MSRv007/MSRv009/MSRv010 use 0.1mA each hour
  • MSRv008 uses an average of 2mA each hour

Then, you need to divide the capacity of the battery by it’s consumption. 


  • For a 40mA battery with a MSRv007:  40 mAh / 0.1mA = 400 hours
  • for a 120mA battery with a MSRv008: 120 mAh / 2mA = 60 hours



  •  How long will last a 40 mA battery powering a MSR007 / MSR008 / MSR009?

A 40 mA battery will run for 400 hours.


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