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The NEW MSR007F Low Power Consumption 7 times less than previous MSR,  21.5*6*1.09mm is identical to old msr except size that has been reduce by 30% same specifications 3 Tracks can now read Track 1, Track 2 and Track 3 at once, Reading ability has improved now to up to 4 stops We have improved the Track ALL 3 TRacks decoding. Thickness 1mm. Including CRC Check.

NEW SIZE: 21.5*6*1.09

The New MSR007F 21.5*6*1.09 new Software low power consumption 7 times less than old MSR, 3 Tracks has  reduced size by 30% can read up to 4 stops without any errors. 20% Smaller than the first version of the MSR007 new lenght 18mm instead of 24mm  the ultra thin size as well as the compact lenght and the high quality Round holes connections pads able to connect directly to our new Universal Charger/Data USB adpater has highly improved  the possibilities to customise the NEW MSR007F

The MSR007 is powered by any 3V battery supply, it allows encrypting the saved data and decoding it from any computer where the encryption software is installed WITHOUT connecting the MSR007 to any computer.

It is a stand alone device which allows collecting magnetic data without being connected to a computer.

Flash RAM Internal memory can store up to 8000 magnetic data. Every data collected is of course time stamp in millisecond.

The information (data) stored as several segments (parts) so even though the magnetic card has been read at different speeds and multiple stops the data (information) will be shown and than will allow the user to reassemble the data correctly.
This technology is known today had jitter or interrupted swipes.


NEW SIZE: 21.5*6*1.09
3 TRACKS Reader 4 stops
1.09mm Thick
4 HOLES PADS Connector
3 types Of Custom Connector:

Pin Holes Adpater is the slimmest only 0.3mm it connects directly to USB Charger/Interface
you might experience some disconnection sometimes though so some force has to be applied
in order for PCB Stay connected to USB Charger/Interface.




6 PADS for ALL connections only (VCC,GND,RX,TX) for data included, 2 PADS GND/VCC.
4 PADS for all Tracks (Common, Track 1 and Track 2)
3 Track Magnetic Card Reader
Jitter slow motion Reading “IN” & “OUT” directions
High quality PCB machinery assembly
Best IC components in the market
Ultra Compact Size magnetic Card Reader
Best Reading Accuracy in the market today
Ultra Low power consumption 7 days stand by in one full charge (original battery 30mAh)
Data is hardware encrypted
Collects up to 8000 cards
Operations mode at very low Voltage
All data is time recorded
Reading all kind of magnetic formats ISO, NON ISO …
Manual select Best swipe directions “IN or “OUT”
LARGE PADS connections to allow easy and safe manipulation.
USB direct connection


MSR007 Jitter Reader
NEW Universal  Charge & data Collection
3.7V Rechargeable tiny battery
All Drivers and softwares are downloadable via our website


Personal description Cards (University ID, Personal Entry cards, Driving Licence, Company personal ID)
Air Shows
Financial Transactions (Web payments, Dealers, provider’s payments)
Accommodation, hotel access.
Transportation, Taxi Drivers payments system
Discos, private Lounge

Features Specifications

6 PADS for ALL connections only (VCC,GND,RX,TX) 2 for power & 4 data  – We have included Round hole pads connections instead of  PAD to allow connect directly to USB Charger/DATA WITHOUT ANY CONNECTOR

4 PADS for all Tracks (Common, Track 1 and Track 2&Track 3) – Now days ISO Cards have restarted using Track 3  so we have decided  iniclude  the 3rd Magnetic Track to give our MSR00x with same  working space and easier manipulation.

Jitter slow motion Reading “IN” & “OUT” directions – Jitter & Interrupted ability with the highest accuracy in the world, we have added the feature to interpret the data at different speeds and in several sequences (even at very slow speed)  even if one card swipe is performed in several stages the data will be stored as a sequence allowing the user to assemble the full result.

Manual select Best swipe directions “IN or “OUT” – user can use his own best will to invert reading directions and choose the best “logical” result.

HOLES PADS – connections to allow easy and safe manipulation, the user can safely custom all MSR00x with a lager error forgiving handling error without damaging the reader.

Software & Firmware Specifications

Our software is highly professional but still very easy to use, we have included the possibility to manually upgrade our firmware with our constant research & development to improve even a reader bought today with our “next generation firmware” without having to purchase a new reader.

All upgrades will be free of charge

Specification: MSR007F

Dimensions 21.5 × 6.4 × 1.09 mm

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