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    Best Software convertor Sound Wave Files into ASCII-Text PRICE FOR 1 SINGLE LICENCE CANNOT RESELL - 2 Differents Algorithm - Revert Track - Easily repair manually broken Tracks - 100% effieicent

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    0.5mm*18mm*15mm 0.5mm Thick: Thinnest 3.7V Rechargeable Battery in the world Minium Order 10 pcs 30x10=300$ Product Model: 051815 Rated Capacity:5 mAh Nominal Voltage(V): 3.7V Charge current:0.5C Discharge current:1C Discharge Temperature:-20~60 Storage Temperature:-20~35 Dimensions(mm):  0.5mm * 18mm*15mm Average Weight(g): 0.8 g Passed...

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    AiSR010 is exactly same as AiSR009 but bigger and easier to manipulatesize: 23.5*6.9*1.5mmHigh Performance CORTEX 32-bit processor @ up to 25 MHz Analogu 2 channels, 16 levels of amplifications, Wave File Extraction, with  Conversion Software Wave files into ASCII TXT for FREE !!!Download Sound Sample: AiSR-Demo-Software and audio files

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    The Thinnest Magnetic Head in The world 0.8mm ONLY with 380oHm real an work with MSR, ASR, AiSR etc .. Magnetic head compatible with any MSR's & ASR's AiSR reader, able to read 1 track at once (track 1 or track 2 or track 3) 

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Latest 2017 News

We have realized our Ultimate and best product since our creation in 2010

this product allows not only to extract wave files but have included automatic

Decoding and manual modification of the results, our previous version of AiSR wouldn't allow .wav

Files extraction and it took a lot of efforts and research to understand how to be able to

let our customers benefits of all the advantages of Analogue Wave Files extraction with a 

2 Channels Devices. We have choose the Latest 32bits Cortex CPU  to obtain ultimate  Speed and power consumption.

For our previous customers that bought AiSR007 and would like to exchange to AiSR009

We offer free Exchange.